9003 Murphy Road
Bolingbrook IL 60440

Range Rules

  1. All Federal and state firearms laws will be obeyed.
  2. All range participants must check in and out at the Range Desk. All shooters are required to read and sign Release of Liability Waivers before use of the range is permitted.
  3. Illinois residents must present a valid Illinois Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) card. The only exceptions are 12-17 year olds ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT AT ALL TIMES or participants in an approved firearms training program. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to shoot on the range.
  4. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from using the shooting range.
  5. No smoking, food or beverages permitted inside the range.
  6. All firearms will be unloaded and cased when entering the range facility. When uncasing in the shooting booth, firearms will be benched with the muzzle always pointed down range. No moving firearms from booth to booth.
  7. Illinois Concealed Carry Licensed individuals will keep their firearms holstered at all times when entering The Range at 355.
  8. NO HOLSTER DRAWING. Holster drawing is only permitted for students during training sessions conducted by The Range at 355 authorized firearms instructors.
  9. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while in the shooting range.
  10. All commands given by a Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be followed.
  11. On the RSO command of CEASE FIRE all shooters will immediately stop shooting and bench their firearm. Only RSO's may go forward of the firing line.
  12. ALWAYS KEEP THE MUZZLE POINTED DOWN RANGE. Never point the muzzle towards the ceiling, the booth sidewalls, towards yourself or another person in the range.
  13. Shooters will load and unload their firearms while at the firing line only. Exiting a shooting booth holding a firearm is prohibited.
  14. Two people maximum per shooting lane but only one person is allowed to shoot at a time.
  15. NEVER go beyond the firing line for ANY reason. If you drop a piece of equipment beyond the firing line, ask a RSO for assistance.
  16. NO USE OF BI-METAL JACKETED (steel jacket with copper wash), STEELCORE, TRACERS OR ARMOR PIERCING AMMUNITION. We will check ammunition with a strong magnet.
  17. Rifle cartridges up to .30 caliber with bullet velocities up to 3300 feet per second (fps) are allowed. Bullet velocities above 3300 fps are not allowed.
  18. Shotgun SLUGS only. No buckshot or birdshot allowed.
  19. Reloaded ammunition is allowed. See Rule 16.
  20. No muzzle loading firearms allowed.
  21. Deliberate violations of safety range rules by any individual will result in immediate removal from the range facility.
  22. All firearms must be unloaded and cased while walking to and from the shooting range.
  23. All firearms will be uncased or cased while in the shooting lane only and benched with the muzzle always pointed downrange.
  24. ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed downrange in a safe direction.
  25. NEVER point the muzzle towards the ceiling, the booth sidewalls, towards yourself or another person in the range.
  26. Only The Range at 355 approved paper targets may be used. Targets will be placed at eye level to prevent carrier, track and ceiling damage.
  27. NO BENCH REST SHOOTING. This is to ensure bullets don’t strike the carrier track or ceiling baffles.
  28. NO CROSS-FIRING. Shooters will only engage targets within their shooting lane.
  29. CONTROLLED FIRING ONLY. The range will seek reimbursement for any facility/equipment damage caused by uncontrolled rapid firing.
  30. RENTALS GUNS - Only factory ammunition purchased from The Range at 355 can be fired in range rental firearms.
  31. BRASS COLLECTION – shooters may collect their own brass behind the firing line only.
  32. Range Safety Officers reserve the right to inspect firearms and ammunition for safety considerations.
SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT. Failure to abide by these rules will result in denied use of the range. The Range at 355 also reserves the right to refuse range admittance to any person for any reason.